Monday, October 25, 2004

Off to the UK!

Well, as mentioned at the last meeting I'm off to the UK at the end of the week for about three weeks to carry out a deployment for a customer.

I'll be flying straight to Manchester via KL (can't go thru the US or I'll be arrested as a terrorist), and will be staying in Sheffield for most of that time. I may get up north to visit a friend in Edinburgh over one of the weekends.

So, the reason I post this here, other than just to let everyone know I'll be gone (sounds of cheering and partying break out in the background) is to ask :

a) If there's anything people think I really should do while I'm over there?

b) If there'e anything I can do for anyone else while I'm over there?
(Keep in mind I'll have a baggage limit!)

1 comment:

Annette said...

I'd like a packet of Bourbon creams please!

How about the Sheffield Space Centre at 33 the Wicker?

"NEW Import Comics, Back Issue Comics, Graphic Novels,
Trading and Game (CCG) Cards, Comic and Card Supplies (Boxes, Bags, etc.),
Manga & Anime Material (English and Japanese),
UK, US Sci-Fi & Fantasy Paperbacks,
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Media Material (Star Wars, X-File etc.)"