Thursday, October 14, 2004

A plug for the Upper Hutt SF Club

As the President of the Upper Hutt SF Club, I feel it behooves me to remind any Phoenix members that may reside in the Lower Hutt or Upper Hutt areas that they can also attend the Upper Hutt SF Club meetings.

No, really. It's true...

For those keen to try the social aspects of a smaller group that indulges in far too much informal chit-chat and not nearly enough formal presentations, try driving into the South Pacific Tyre factory on the first Tuesday of every month. We start the meetings at 7.30pm and usually congregate in the car park at around 7.20pm.

Why a tyre factory? Well, we're allowed to use one of the training rooms for free and it's got quite the cosy set-up in terms of a DVD and video player, speakers, an overhead data projector and a screen on the wall.... Which means that we can indulge in regular film nights.

Hope to see you there.


PS Bring 50c to contribute to the tea and biscuit fund, if at all possible.

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