Friday, March 11, 2005

Jandalbirds are Go?

Yes, a NZ TV company is producing an 'affectionate parody of the old favourite Thunderbirds', although it sounds like a GE mutant child of the old Kablam show 'Action League Now', not that that's necessarily a bad thing...
But has anyone told Gerry Anderson, or whichever mega-conglomerate currently owns the Thunderbirds rights?

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Yvonne said...

Great. Obviously Bro Town has set the high bar for NZ comedy shows (and I use the term 'comedy' loosely) and now every new show to go to air will feature an ‘affectionate parody’ of a dysfunctional Polynesian family who are so stupid they can barely find their way out of the house. The only blessing we’ll have from this show is that since it’s designed for children we may be spared another charming catch phrase like, “poos and wees”.

TVNZ in the meanwhile seems to think the term ‘parody’ means ‘carte blanche to rip off’. Glad to see the taxpayers’ money is being used in such a creative way.