Friday, April 08, 2005

Ron Moore Blog...

It's all a bit big on pontificating at length but at least Ron Moore used to be a fan... Also go back through the blog and check out his comments on Harlan Ellison and the death of Star Trek.

Battlestar Blog

Also, as an aside, I continue to ponder what the state of play is amongst former Trek alumni now that Enterprise has gone belly up. As I mentioned in the Trek panel at the convention, there appeared to be a deep level of animosity between various writers. Rick Berman's Evil Cabana Boy (otherwise known as Brannon Bragga) had slowly but surely assumed control over the writing and producing of Trek. Ron Moore had briefly joined Voyager when DS9 stopped but left the show stating (in a nutshell) that the show's writing staff couldn't pull a decent story out of their own butts.

At the time of Ron Moore's departure (and with no other shows to go to), Mr. Bragga probably felt a certain amount of glee. Now that Ron Moore is helming the wildly successful Battlestar Galactica, and Brannon faces unemployment I wonder if all of Mr. Bragga's karma is now coming back to bite him on the butt.

(Moral: be nice to people as one day that butt that you kicked might be the butt you have to kiss).

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