Friday, April 08, 2005

Someone gets Dead Lost...

I opened my inbox this morning to tales of the passing of a Lost regular character. Not a minor character either but not a major one. You know, not Jack ('cause he's cute), and not Locke ('cause he's interesting), and not Charlie ('cause he's cute), not Claire ('cause she's carrying Satan's baby), and not Sayid ('cause he's interesting and cute), and not Sawyer ('cause he's cute and a bad boy). Someone else.

Anyway, I guess this has created much fuss because Americans are unused to producers making the decision to just bump off a character after the first season and not a) replace him with another actor and pretend he doesn't look different or b) pretend he's dead and bring him back to life in the next season. This death seems to be permanent and this has generated mucho gasping, and excitement.

For those that don't mind spoilers, go here: EW

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