Saturday, June 18, 2005

Phoenix FilmMakingSIG

The 18th Wellington Fringe Film Festival's Special Competition (i.e. lots of 3 minute films, all on the theme of 'Waiting Room') includes my film 'King'. The entries are screened at the FILM ARCHIVE MEDIAPLEX, Taranaki St, Wellington, on Thursday 7th July in two supposedly identical sessions: 6 - 7.30pm (film makers only, i.e. anyone involved in making films for this year's competition, I will certainly be there) & 8 - 9.30pm (general public, I'll probably be there too). This is a great chance to see what other amateur film makers are doing (and just maybe 'King' might win a prize), and also to hear what the theme will be for next year's competition - an obvious first project for the proposed Phoenix FilmMakingSIG would be a 3 minute film for next year's competition.

Keep an eye on the website, for the full programme and more details later this month.

1 comment:

Peter said...

woo hoo! King was a finalist! Definitely aiming for first place next year...