Friday, October 15, 2004

When Pets Go Bad - Update

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We had a great night at our club meeting in Turnbull House on Wednesday, with readings from Peter Friend, John Homes, Aline Homes and Rob Campbell. The stories ranged from the creepy to the whimsical and all were very well received by the audience.

Our thanks to the Writers Group for sharing their work with us.


Peter said...

Thank you. We in the WSIG would like to hear from the rest of Phoenix - what do you like or dislike about the WSIG presentations? Could we do anything to make them more enjoyable? (Other than installing sound insulation as protection from the impromptu choir next door...) Or would you quite honestly rather not listen to our inane babblings anyway?

Alan Robson said...

I enjoyed the presentation a lot more than I expected to. As a direct consequence of that I'd like to suggest that WSIG do a similar presentation more often - perhaps twice a year, or maybe even three?