Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Christmas Tree

I knew Peter had got a story printed in Asimov's but I was really surprised to see a photocopy of the story lying around at work. This department had put the story out for people to read because they thought it was cool and funny, and really, what higher praise can you have than that? So I read the story, and it was really well crafted. One step closer to living treasuredom, Peter ...

If you want to read the story, it's available online here.


Peter said...

clarification - only the first page or so is available online. Gosh, you'd almost think it was a sneaky trick to make you buy the magazine! I'll try to remember to bring a copy to the Xmas Phoenix meeting.

Further egoboo - the story got a half-sentence review in Locus, and they liked it. So remember me when Hugo nomination time rolls around... :)

Peter said...

The December issue of Asimov's is now available in the better magazine shops - for example Magnetix on Lambton Quay have copies in stock.