Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Get people's attention - start BOINCing!

You can BOINC in private, or let other people see what you're doing, and it's legal (sorry).

Why? You might want to do it to draw people's attention, e.g. to Phoenix.

BOINC (http://boinc.berkeley.edu/) is what you use to help predict what's going to happen to the climate, find aliens, cure diseases, etc.

There are two Phoenix teams, one is for Climate Prediction and the other for Seti at Home. Both teams are called "Phoenix Science Fiction Society NZ".

We're doing okay in the Climate Prediction list, we're in the low #500's
See http://climateapps2.oucs.ox.ac.uk/cpdnboinc/top_teams.php?sort_by=total_credit&offset=500.

We're so far down in the Seti stakes, you can't even get down that far so I don't actually know how we're doing.

If your computer is reasonably recent, please join up and help raise our profile a bit. Since we're not too far down in the Climate Prediction standings, I suggest that one. You can join as many projects as you like and contribute to all of them at once.

It's easy to get started, and you have control over how it works, e.g. disk space, memory, when it's active, etc. Here's a rundown, although you probably won't need these instructions.

First, create an account by clicking on a project on the BOINC page. During the process, you'll enter how much disk space and memory it is allowed to use, when it should do processing and when not, and other settings. You can change that any time you like.
You'll be prompted to download the BOINC client, so do that. Then while you wait, look for a link like "Teams" or "Find a Team" and search for our team name. Click on ours and there will be a link to join it. You don't need to join a team, but by yourself your ranking will be very low. Unless you're reading this at Weta Digital of course.
By the time you've done that, you'll have an email for the project, containing the URL and unique ID that you need to copy&paste into the BOINC client to get started.
Install BOINC (it's very quick and easy, just a couple of clicks), and copy the URL and ID from the email into the Attach to Project box that pops up. It should automatically download something to process and then start work.
If you want, you can join another project and get BOINC to work on both. It will switch between them according to the settings you choose on the web site.

For dial-up, it can be told to ask before connecting to send results, and you can make it connect up when you want, by right-clicking the project and choosing Update.

Any questions? Post them here and I'll post a reply or get in touch or whatever.

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Anonymous said...

We're now at #472 for Climate Prediction and gaining. But to go higher than #450 we need more people in the team.

If we triple our output we'll appear in the Seti standings.