Monday, September 12, 2005

Bright Star

David Lee-Smith wrote to me to let me know that Bright Star is currently showing at Circa Theatre. David writes

"Phoenix folk might be interested to know about the play Bright Star, now playing at Circa. It is based on the life of Beatrice Tinsley, one of NZ's most brilliant scientists, who became professor of cosmology at Yale University, and who died of cancer, aged 40, in 1981.

Dr Tinsley was born in England, grew up in New Plymouth, did an MSc at Canterbury, and then a PhD at the University of Texas. She revolutionized our understanding of the structure and age of the cosmos and its ultimate destiny. The play is by Stuart Hoar, who authored Rutherford."

David has a particular interest because Beatrice was his wife's sister. He says,

"There will also be two fora connected with the play dealing with a) cosmology and b) the biography by Christine Cole Catley scheduled for publication next April. There is a memoir by Edward Hill, my father-in-law (deceased), called "My Daughter Beatrice," which is available from Wellington Public Library."

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