Thursday, February 23, 2006

FFANZ Announcement

I received the below from Maree Pavletich. Congrats to Barbara and Peter who will be great representatives of NZ Fandom at the Aussie Natcon this year..


Please update all websites and jungle drums that Barbara and Peter Clendon are the FFANZ Laureates for 2006.

Peter and Barbara have been reading science fiction since they were kids [which, alas, we aren't any longer] but didn't know about fandom until Matthew Pavletich, then a customer at our shop, invited us to bring our bookshop to Conquest in 1998. What a rush: learning that art was as important as the words in a book; that dressing up didn't make you strange, it just makes you interesting. We were hooked, immediately joining Stella Nova and discovering all the different aspects of fandom. As owners of Barbara's Books we have supported fandom in NZ by 'spreading the word', supporting conventions, boosting goodie bags, speaking on panels, and generally helping out at Cons, as well as sharing our love of SF and fantasy books with as many fans as we can reach.

Definition: [n] someone honored for great achievements; figuratively
someone crowned with a laurel wreath
[adj] worthy of the greatest honor or distinction;

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