Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Greetings all
Woot first up on the update is that our lovely website is now hosted at radomstatic and sf.org.nz
so please go visit (www.conjunction.sf.org.nz). we have also updated the guest pages and con com page so now you can read all about Elizabeth Moon and Andrew Ivmay, and about who are the mad people who want to run this convention

In other news We will be hosting a bid party on saturday night(june 3rd) in our con-room at con, its a standard pig type event (ie byo) we'll post more info about it on the notice board we hope thay have at con.

and on a completely related note well some how its related GIALIAT will be hosting an LJ party at conclave on the friday night sometime after the wizards hat thing, so all you LJ-ers who will be at con are invited to we can meet and find out who is who again its a byo

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