Thursday, September 14, 2006

gerry anderson figures at phoenix

for those who missed the meeting here are some pictures from the meeting

tracey IslandThunderbird 1sspace 1999peter plays with toysspace 1999
modellers' box

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William said...

Being new to blogging, I am not sure how to post something brand new, so I'm entering this under comments...and please forgive if this information has already been posted or mentioned somewhere else...

There are some film screenings being put on by the Wellington Film Society that may be of interest to club members:
Young Frankenstein - Monday, 13 November @ 6:15pm
Barbarella - Monday, 20 November @ 6:15pm
Kiwi Animation (8 short films) - Monday, 27 November @ 6;15pm.

The films are shown at the Paramount Theatre, 25 Courteney Place. Note that you must be a member of the Film Society to attend. Visit to learn more.