Friday, December 15, 2006

As promised here are links to some of the online role playing games I play
for those who are interested in them

Gaia online

GAIA Online is the largest forum community on the Internet! What makes GAIA Online so unique is that each user can create their own virtual character and customize it through clothing and accessories located in virtual shops throughout the site. With constant updates and events, as well as an ever-growing community, there is always something fun to do or someone to talk to!

It's a fun new way to spend time online with your friends while making new ones through our unique and constantly expanding virtual world. Searching for anime and videogame links on the web, while interacting with those who share the same passion for Anime/Manga and Videogame related entertainment has never been more fun! The best part is SIGNING UP IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Endless Online
endless faq
Endless is a 2d anime based online mmorpg.
Once playing our online rpg you can become rich and famous,
fight evil monsters, become a hero or live as a normal citizen.

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