Friday, June 01, 2007

Bull in an HTML China Shop

Hi everyone -

I'm switching the Phoenix (B)log to the new Blogger templates, and will be doing some work on restoring the appearance of the site to what you are used to. This will likely take me a couple days of blundering about with HTML specialisations, so I wanted to warn you. Speaking of this, if you have any suggestions for widgets or other improvements to the site that you would like to see added, now is a good time!




Anonymous said...

How do I post a new topic? Can't see anywhere to let me start one?

William & Stacey said...

Hi Pam -

We don't allow anonymous posts (you have to be added to the permissions list in order to do so). You can contact me via e-mail to be added to the list (address: museumdesigner @ NOTE: spaces added to foil spambots, please remove them for email. Cheers!