Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Book Launch in Wellington - Newtons Sleep

SF genre book launches don't happen in Wellington very often, so you really should know about this - some release info quoted below:

"Newtons Sleep will be officially launched at 1pm on Saturday 12 January, at the Toi P┼Źneke Gallery, Wellington Arts Centre, 61 Abel Smith Street (near Real Groovy), Wellington, New Zealand. The author will be attending the launch via video linkup, and works by cover artist Emma Weakley will be displayed.

Also, a short Prelude for Newtons Sleep is now online in pdf format. This serves as a teaser for the story, and will not be part of the actual book.

Faction Paradox started off in the Doctor Who novel line, but subsequently split off into a separate continuity and its own book series. The Faction-related DW books were amongst the most interesting, most controversial, and best written books in the series, and the separate Faction universe stuff has been uniformly excellent"

Three Monkeys note - I don't know anything about this specific work so don't hassle me aboth the apostrophe, but it is a genre publication and it is being published by a well known Wellington SF identity who you will probably know. For this reason, I think it is worth supporting.

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k said...

The lack of an apostrophe is apparently intentional, as with a certain recent Hugo winner.