Tuesday, August 26, 2008

GUFF Nominations Now Open

Announcement from Damien Warman
"The next Get-Up-and-over Fan Fund is now open for nominations. If you know what this means, are an Australasian fan, and have a desire to attend the sixtieth British Eastercon, LX, then you need to contact me. You'll need to find three nominators in Australasia, two nominators in Europe, and send me a 100 word platform and an AUD25 bond.

Nominations will close on or around 8 September, and ballots will be immediately distributed. Voting will run until shortly after Novacon (14-16th Nov).

Please disseminate widely."


Notes from Ross.
GUFF is the fan fund which sends fan delegates between Australasia and Europe. Many of you will have met the current European delegate Ang Rosin when she attended Conspiracy 2 last year. The current Australasian delegates are Damien Warman and Juliette Woods from Adelaide.

I’m helping Damien out with the logistics this side of the Tasman, so if you want to run or just have any questions about GUFF or fan funds in general let me know.

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