Thursday, June 09, 2005

Characters in Movies

Woohoo. My first blog posting.

Anyway. At the Phoenix meeting last night (my first for quite some time) there was a discussion item about which works of fiction should be made into movies.

I'm halfway through the first volume of Tad Williams' Otherland and I've realised that I would happily sit in a movie theatre to watch some of these characters just be themselves (which it Williams' book involves character development). Unfortunately doorstops don't make good movies. I suspect that this is the sort of fiction where each volume becomes one season of a US length TV series. I've got to the part where Renie Sulaweyo, her father, and her friend have moved into the late Susan Van Bleeck's house. We've seen Renie's father start to come out of his alcohol asisted shell for a little while now, and this is starting to bear some fruit for Renie now.

The only Tad WIlliams' novel that might fit into a movie is "Tailchaser's Song" and that strikes me as a sort of young adult type movie and those don't get theatrical release. I'm not 100% sure why young adult movies are only made for TV. Probably because the target demographic is just too small.


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