Monday, October 17, 2005

Tales of Future Past

We discussed the perils of predicting the future in a Phoenix meeting Where's My Flying Car?

David Szondy's website has a section Tales of Future Past dedicated to the 20th Century's view of the future. It's packed with some great illustrations from SF's "golden period" accompanied by amusing commentaries David has written around a series of themes.

Another section contains a few classic radio plays of American SF broadcast in the 1950s, from writers Clifford D Simak, James Gunn, Robert Heinlein (gulp!) Frederik Pohl & C. M. Kornbluth and HG Wells. (Real player required).

I also learnt on this site that Hugo Gernsback was the publisher who invented the term science fiction and published the first SF magazine in 1926.

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three monkeys said...

That phoenix meeting was way back in June 2001. The world has changed even since then - for a start, nobody much had heard of blogs. Still no flying car in my garage though.

For my notes on that meeting, have a look here.