Friday, October 14, 2005

Time machine on Trade Me

Current bidding stands at $300,000,000,001,999.00. No time wasters please!

There's some amusing comments at the end of the item.


Q: Does the eftpos machine work on Pre-pay time credits or pay as you travel? posted by: steve__ (15 ) 3:31 pm, Thu 29 Sep

A: I see you have mistaken the time defliberator for an old eftpos machine. Easy mistake for beginners to time travel to make, they do look similar.

Q: If I am successful with my bid, do you think there is sufficient grunt in the machine to go back to the beginning of this auction, wipe out all memory of it, so I don't have to pay you. posted by: bubbs29 (54 ) 4:04 pm, Thu 29 Sep

A: if the auction doesn't take place, you would never have the time machine, so you would be stuck in the past, with no machine to get back to the present. time is a dangerous thing to play with, and you really need to carefully consider the consequences, before you start mucking with the past, and breaching time continuation.

Q: I cant see where the time is displayed on this device ? posted by: bignoselouie (42 ) 1:44 pm, Fri 30 Sep

A: What do you think this is? A clock?

Q: Hey I was wondering if this machine supports dilithium crystal phasers? posted by: chips19 (0 ) 3:33 pm, Fri 30 Sep

A: I heard those things were being phased out

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Kath said...

but but but..
you can buy a time travel ticket for $10