Thursday, April 20, 2006

Conclave 2006 Update

Here's an update from Louise McCully and you can find more information and regsiter at their website .

Conclave will be held over Queens Birthday weekend Friday 2 June - Monday 5 June at the Manukau Quality Inn, 477 Great South Road, Manukau City. If you pre-register you'll pay only $80!

We are loaded with a wide variety of guests this year:
  • Steve Jackson, game designer & role-player.
  • Joan Vinge, award winning author best known for The Snow Queen trilogy.
  • Jim Frenkel, senior editor for Tor Books.
  • Russell Kirkpatrick, NZ SF author & cartographer.
  • Faye Ringel. US Prof. Of Humanities, in areas such as Medievalism, Tolkien & Filking.
  • Kevin Maclean, Fan Guest of Honour, published author and experienced Con attendee/past-organiser.

Programme highlights


Writers Stream, run by Kevin Maclean ,with Joan Vinge, Jim Frenkel.

Game Design Stream, run by Steve Jackson. This will be separated into two topics, Roleplaying games (in the morning) and Board games (in the afternoon).

Register early for these, as there are limited places.


Some examples of non-guest event items are as follows (more on website):

  • The Art of writing Erotic Fiction
  • Bawdy Tavern Songs
  • WETA Talk
  • Joss Whedon
  • 2010/2020 Time Capsule
  • Balloon Sculpturing
  • As well as the expected Masquerade and Banquet.


  • Lego – build your own spaceship (supported by Lego NZ)Short Story – 2500 words. Topic relating to a Conclave. Due in end of April.
  • Poetry – Topic SF/F. Due in end of April.
  • Barbie goes to Hogwarts – Dress up your Barbie as an aspiring witch or wizard
  • Three Hour Film Challenge - Two teams have one hour to write a short film, one hour to shoot, and one hour to edit.
  • Munchkin – if you have a copy of the original game bring it along, numbers in the competition depend on how many copies we have of the game.


We have a number of sponsors this year, so consequently have lots of prizes.

  • Barbara’s Books - donated quite a number of book vouchers, which are being raffled every month. The final raffle will be on sale and drawn at Conclave. Will also be there as a dealer.
  • Lego – Lending us lots & lots of bricks. All participants get free 1 years Lego club membership.
  • Hasbro – They have given us a variety of their games to play with before and at the Convention. Jenga will definitely be found in the bar!
  • NZ Post - NZ Post released two stamps sets, King Kong & Narnia and they are donating several items.
  • HarperCollins – They sponsored Russell Kirkpatrick to come. Also are giving us a number of books for prizes.
  • Village Skycity Cinemas - Village will be giving us some ticket giveaways and posters.

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