Wednesday, June 14, 2006

One Off Serenity Screening

There is a special screening of the movie Serenity being held on Friday the 23rd of June at 7pm right here in Wellington. This is in support of Joss Whedon's favourite charity, Equality Now, and to celebrate his upcoming birthday.

The screening will take place at Reading Courtenay Central. Tickets are $13, and are available through Mike Foster. Mike is the sole contact, you cannot buy tickets directly from the theatre. The contact email address is coravel(at)gmail(dot)com. There will also be t-shirts, costing $30. Because this is meant to be a fundraiser, donations are also welcome. Proceeds raised go to Equality Now. This is part of a worldwide event, check out the official website at Can't Stop the Serenity.

Payments need to be made by this Friday (the 16th) so that the deposit for the theatre can be paid.

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