Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Website Revamp

(Posted on behalf of Terence White)
Pam and Terence are looking at revamping the Phoenix website. We've got some ideas, but we'd like to see what everyone else wants. If anyone wants to submit ideas, logo's, links or media you can add them to this blog entry or send them to the following temporary address until the end of June.phoenix.sf.ideas@orcon.net.nz.
All mail will go directly to Terence's home email. This address will be disappearing into the ether on the 1st of July if the spammers get hold of it and will be replaced by some other form of communication.
Currently we are looking at a Content Management System (perhaps Mambo), and we see there is lots of interest in blogging, so maybe we'll do something with that. Also, seeing as the golden age of Sci Fi was the 50's, perhaps an obituary section somewhere. Maybe a calendar with upcoming events. And some section somewhere for book reviews. Definitely a space for the SIG's to post their monthly reports.

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Terence said...

Actually, there should be a space between June. and phoenix.sf.ideas

The email to use is