Friday, September 22, 2006

Upcoming Film Screenings...

There are some film screenings being put on by the Wellington Film Society that may be of interest to club members:

Young Frankenstein - Monday, 13 November @ 6:15pm

Barbarella - Monday, 20 November @ 6:15pm

Kiwi Animation (8 short films) - Monday, 27 November @ 6:15pm.

The films are shown at the Paramount Theatre, 25 Courteney Place. Note that you must be a member of the Film Society to attend. Visit to learn more.

EDIT/ADDITION: Another film of possible interest to fans, this one being screened as part of the NZ International Documentary Film Festival:

John Howe - There and Back Again
- Tue, 26 Sept @ 12:30pm, and Thu, 28 Sept @ 8:40pm...showing at the Paramount Theatre.

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three monkeys said...

Gosh I was a member of the Wellington film society for about 8 years (and another 10 in Christchurch before that) up until the late '90s and in all that time they never showed anything that could be considered SF genre work at all. I wonder what changed. Maybe it is time to consider re-joining.