Saturday, July 21, 2007

Blogosphere Fluxations

Hi everyone,

I'm having trouble getting the customised layout for the Phoenix log to show up properly in every browser. I use Firefox, and it shows up fine there, but in MS Explorer there are layout problems (missing background, text errors, things out of alignment). I did not notice this until I loaded it at work the other day.

At any rate, sorry about that and I'll keep working on it. I would like to get the page looking at least acceptable in every browser. If anyone out there has experience with XML and would be willing to assist me in this, it would be hugely appreciated.

Otherwise, I have managed to add a few widgets and content features to the sidebar, and am going to work on keeping a Google Calendar as well. Please let me know if you have anything to add to the calendar, any suggestions for content in general, or thoughts about ways to make the blog more engaging and useful to our membership.

Along these lines, I encourage you guys to post some things! Even if it's a link to an interesting article or book review you saw on the web, or a neat piece of SF/Fantasy artwork. Longer articles and stories are best saved for Phoenixine, but it would be good to have some activity on the site as well. Besides, if I am the only one posting it looks rather silly and I am starting to feel a bit self-conscious...

OK there's my combined lecture/plea. Hope you guys are enjoying the polls. Ideas very welcome for those as well!




Frank said...

Microsoft are annoyingly non-standard when it comes to HTML and XHTML and even CSS. There are several well-known hacks to get round some of the most annoying discrepancies.

You can probably google them, but I can have a look and make some suggestions if you like.

William & Stacey said...

That would be awesome, thanks Frank! Do you need to look at the XML code? I can e-mail it to you, or is it best to give you editorial access to the site? (Not sure, never done this before...)