Thursday, July 19, 2007

Robby, King of Robots

The official winner of the last poll, with a rousing 2 votes, was Robby the Robot! It’s a wise choice, considering the extensive CV offered by this former resident of Altair IV.

Robby the Robot was constructed by Dr. Morbius, utilising technology left behind by an ancient civilisation called the Krell. Robby can synthesize artificial gems of large size and analyse or duplicate any food or chemical mixture, all within the space of his body. One scene from Forbidden Planet features Robby making fifty gallons of liquor for the chief chef of the United Planets Cruiser C-57D. The man's excitement can hardly be contained. Robby is also capable of defending himself, and those around him, so long as it does not conflict with his primary programming to not harm humans.

Robby’s sterling reputation, flashing dome lights and valiant efforts in the fight against alcoholism have not gone unappreciated by robot fans. In 2004, Robby was officially inducted into the Robot Hall of Fame. You can view his honoured place in the lineup by clicking here.


If you were stranded on an alien world, which of these artificial lifeforms would you want with you? R2-D2, Robbie the Robot, Data, Model B9 or Number Six?

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